IMO – true authenticity (of the self), does not require or seek validation from others. it does not need constant reassurance- it does not thrive through recognition in mirroring the view of self from everyone. The only reflection it needs is that of the self – the authentic inner soul.

Time in between

It is limbo, this time between one bank holiday and another – the time to decompress after excess, to face the austerity of the new year with new promises of less – less food, less spending, less wasting time. For now though, there is time – time for indulging in leftovers, time for buying in the sales, time… time for empty promises.


It’s not every day you graduate – University of Glasgow MLitt class of 2021

Cover Reveal

The cover of Women’s Choices Midwife Voices is now live on all my social media… countdown to launch starts tomorrow with #QuoteFromTheCoven

I’m late…

Well, not with the book just the post… I took a week out to immerse in writing and relaxing. Now I’m getting down to finishing touches… this week the cover design arrives. Excitement is building – at least for me… Midwife Voices will very soon be heard.

Midwife Voices

This week there will be formatting – it looks so easy on the videos… I’m already wishing I was still editing.

Weekly report…

Time to form a new habit – checking into my blog each week.

What’s new?

Well – ‘Midwife Voices’ my soon to be published book (full title ‘Women’s Choices,Midwife Voices:what does it mean to be radical?) the story of my involvement with the Association of Radical Midwives (ARM) – is on its final edits…

Book launch November – watch this space (and others @LynnGeneviev1 on Twitter) for news #MidwifeVoices